Schooled is the #1 Bestselling Educator Memoir on Amazon

I am absolutely astounded by the success we’ve been having, here. Schooled is the #1 Bestselling Educator Memoir on Over 20,000 people have picked up the book. Have you gotten your copy yet? It’s only $0.99 for the e-book. Click here to get your copy now. It’s also available free to Amazon Prime members (paid members, paid student members, and one month free trial members) who own a Kindle device through the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library. Click here to learn how to sign up for a free trial through Amazon Prime. Click here to learn how to borrow a … Continue reading

Schooled Reaches Readers Far and Wide: This Calls for a Celebration!

Over 7,500 people have picked up the Schooled e-book! It is currently the #1 Education Policy book and the #2 Educator Memoir (behind Tuesdays with Morrie) in the Kindle Store. Schooled is being featured on the front page of! I’m thrilled to see so many people interested in what we can do to fix the education system. If any of our new readers have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me through the website’s comments page or e-mail me at Because so many people are enjoying the book, the price has been reduced to $0.99. Click … Continue reading

Choosing Groups

Racial tension was very real in the small Southern community where I taught. Adolescents are very attuned to any potential social injustice, ready to cry out against perceived oppression and question authority in the event of any slight, real or imagined. This is a necessary and appropriate stage in their development, and I certainly don’t begrudge them their vigilance. However, due to their life experience, lessons learned from elder family members, and observations made in the community, for a number of minority students, I appeared to be doing a very convincing impression of an oppressor, being a young caucasian male … Continue reading

Book Review: High School Confidential

Rating: Four of Five Stars High School Confidential is, if nothing else, a breathtakingly ambitious project. In the early half of the first decade of the new millennium, Jeremy Iversen managed to convince a principal and a school district to allow him to return to high school under cover at 24 years of age. Iversen detailed his experience living the life of a high school senior. When I was preparing to apply for teaching jobs, I devoured any and all resources available to me in an attempt to gain insight into what was going on in our nation’s schools. I … Continue reading

Education Workers: Professionals or Laborers?

Are education workers professionals or laborers? It’s a critical question being decided in our education systems. It’s being battled out in the trenches of the classrooms, a war silently waged between educators and education advocates on one side and politicians, pundits, and more on the other. There are a lot of branch topics to discuss, but the core question at the heart of the matter is this: Professionals like physicians and lawyers are held accountable by the bodies that certify them and (to an extent) legal liability, but within the bounds of their practice they are extended a sacred trust. … Continue reading

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Walking Prema Home

    Prema Tiwari was hovering outside of my classroom door again, peering in at me silently while I finished conversing with a couple of students at the end of the day.  Conscious of her presence, I hurried the conversation along as best I could.  Prema waited patiently, cradling  her bad arm against her stomach.  I never asked and Prema never mentioned what condition had led to her disability, but Prema had lost the use of her non-dominant left arm at some point and walked with a moderate limp.  She was small in frame, slender, and timid, especially so for … Continue reading

Schooled: Now Available!

Schooled is out! Click here to buy the Schooled eBook through for only $2.99! The eBook is offered exclusively through Amazon so that Prime members can take advantage of the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library. If you don’t have a Kindle device, worry not!  There are a lot of ways to read Kindle eBooks on just about any device you can imagine.  If you’re reading these words, you can read Schooled. Alternately, click here to buy Schooled in paperback for $8.50! The entirety of the price difference between the eBook and the paperback goes to printing costs. Immediately after graduating from college in 2006, Dalton Jackson took a job … Continue reading

On Public Schools and Ill-equipped Leadership

Paul White recently offered an insightful commentary on a problem plaguing our education system: Ill-equipped leadership. White presents US secretary of education Arne Duncan as a prime example.  Duncan graduated with a bachelor’s degree in sociology in 1987, played basketball from 1987 until 1991, and was appointed by a personal friend to a position as director of a mentoring program in 1992.  From there, Chicago Mayor Richard Daley appointed him to a position as CEO of Chicago public schools, and his path eventually led to his current position as secretary of education. Arne Duncan never attended graduate school, neither for education … Continue reading

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